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Ozone sanitation


Fogging machine for sanitization of environments


Interiors vehicle steam cleaning


Exterior vehicle steam cleaning

Clean Vapor Junior

Steam cleaning of hotels and restaurants


Professional ironing boards with boiler

Find out how steam can help you with cleaning your home, sofas, mattresses, floors, curtains, exterior and more! Find here the properly steam cleaner for you:

Portable steam cleaner
Steam vacuum cleaners
Steam cleaning and ironing
Cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens
Sofa and mattress cleaning
Condizonators cleaning and sanitizing
Exterior cleaning 
All steam cleaners Bieffe

For over 30 years our steam has been helping ironing garments and fabrics. Our steam solutions are ideal for both professional and home ironing. Find the best ironing solution for your needs:

Vertical steam iron
Ironing with steam cleaner
Domestic ironing
Professional ironing
Complete ironing systems
Ironing board
Irons with boiler
All irons and ironing boards

Steam is the ideal method to clean and sanitize cars, motorcycles, campers, heavy vehicles. It neutralizes dirt, bacteria and leaves no haloes for a total sanitization. Our solutions are ideal for at home car washing too!

Interior car cleaning
External washing car steam
Mobile car wash
Interior car sanitization
Motobike cleaning
Buses and public transport cleaning
Car seats drying 
Active foam washing machine
All steam car wash machines

Our complete range for steam cleaning, for all applications:

Car wash
Workshops and industries cleaning 
Hotel, restaurants and kitchens cleaning 
Fitness centres cleaning
Hospital cleaning and sanitization
Cinemas and theatres cleaning
Sofas and mattresses washing 
Air conditioners cleaning 
Dentists and doctors cleaning
Urban cleaning machines
Steam for restoration
Dogs and horses washing 

The Bieffe Farinelli sanitization line includes steam machines for sanitization and ozonizers, that adapt to the most varied applications and environments.

Sanitizing nebulizers
Saturated steam
Home sanitizing
Offices sanitizing
Industries sanitizing
Shops sanitizing
Cars sanitizing 
Air conditioners sanitizing 
All the sanitizers


Cleaning, drying, sanitization.

With one of these machines you can perform complete cleaning of shoes, bags, helmets and accessories. Start now your new service business and your new philosophy of reuse.

Discover all the benefits:

Scarpavapor No Limits
Operating desk for Scarpavapor
Speedy Foam active foam
Shoes detergent Ready to use

Are you looking for a professional method to clean and sanitize air conditioning systems?

Ariasana is the ultimate solution for the washing of split, external cleaning, air conditioners cassette, ventilation systems.

You can request a free machine demonstration clicking here:

Ariasana Bieffe

Bieffe Farinelli supplies spare parts for steam generators in a very short time.

You can find all the spare parts for steam cleaners, cleaning accessories and much more on the Bieffe website.

All spare parts for steam generators
Ironing accessories
Steam cleaners accessories
Sanitizing accessories
Ozonization accessories
Drying accessories

Product categories

Irons and Ironing Boards

Professional and domestic steam cleaners

Steam machines to clean car interiors and exteriors

Complete shoe cleaning system

Ozone and steam sanitizers

Manual and battery-operated sweepers

Vaporizers for dentists

Steam cleaning machines for the wine industry

Steam generators
for restoration

Washing machines for
horses and pets

Suitable for use with steam

Steam cleaning accessories and spare parts

Steam generators since 1988

Founded in 1988 in Pesaro, Bieffe is specialized in the production of steam generators and sanitizing machinery. Our products are used in laundries, car washes, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, medical offices, industries and in many other activities, but also by private customers who use our products for steam cleaning of their homes. Our machines, as well as their components, are entirely produced in Italy. Bieffe produces ironing for both professional and domestic use, steam generators for car washing, steam generator for bags and shoes washing, manual and electric sweepers. All Bieffe products are entirely developed, produced and tested in Italy within our manufacturing plant in Pesaro. Bieffe Farinelli supplies accessories and spare parts for its machines, which are always repairable. 

3 certainties on the high quality of BIEFFE Farinelli products

Our steam generators are recognized as reliable. Why? Here are three reasons:

The reliability and safety of our steam generators are guaranteed by the copper boiler, an explosion-proof and anti-scale material, and by the external heating element which is never in contact with water.

Our machines, as well as their components, are produced entirely in Italy in our factory.

Our products are used today in laundries, car washes, restaurants, hotels, schools, supermarkets, medical offices, industries and in many other activities, but also by private customers who use our products for ironing and steam cleaning for the home. Our product line is constantly being expanded to meet the needs of our loyal customers.

Focus On


CARWASH is a steam generator with vacuum cleaner for reconditioning automotive interiors. CARWASH cleans and sanitizes with steam, dries quickly with hot air and is complete with a professional vacuum cleaner. Ideal for car washes and workshops, boats and trucks, and for home car wash. Perfectly cleans and sanitizes seats, air-conditioning systems, skylights, upholstery, leather carpeting, windows, rims and engines, reaches even the toughest spots, removes pet hair and chewing gum. Optional accessories are available for bodywork washing and Ozone function for an even more complete sanitization. CARWASH is complete with accessory kits for car interiors and for drying.

Accessories line

A complete line of accessories for our machines to make the most of the power and practicality of steam.


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