steam generator
for shoe cleaning

Professional and powerful steam generator, for external and internal cleaning of shoes, bags, accessories, helmets and much more.

With Scarpavapor the operator can dispense steam and detergent with special brushes, dissolve and remove the most stubborn dirt from the surface for excellent results.

The rapid and delicate hot air drying restores softness, and thanks to the ozone generator, gives a complete sanitization by eliminating odors and bacteria.

Scarpavapor can be used in small spaces without water drainage, and doesn’t require special installations.

Scarpavapor is available in the two models SCARPAVAPOR and SCARPAVAPOR NO LIMITS.

Innovative machinery
in shoe sanitization.

Scarpavapor® No Limits

Scarpavapor® No Limits is the ideal machine for cleaning: shoes, carpets, bags, car seats, helmets, sofas, etc.

Thanks to the power of the steam and specific accessories, the operator can guarantee the complete removal of each stain.

ScarpaVapor® No Limitsis also ideal for small spaces, doesn’t require a water drainage neither special installations.

Scarpavapor® No Limits​ represents an unlimited earning opportunity.