Since 1988
30 years of cleaning steam machines

Bieffe company was founded in 1988 by the owner, Mr. Luciano Farinelli. Over the years, the company has specialized in the production of steam generators for ironing and cleaning. Bieffe steam generators are currently used in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, doctors’ offices, etc. Bieffe also produces specific products for spas, dental surgeries, car washes and horse grooming.

and safety

All the machines have been studied and developed by our engineers together with the Bieffe’s owner, who also makes use of the experiences of customers that can give interesting information.

100% of the machine components are produced in Italy. The most important components of our machines, for example, copper boilers and resistors, are produced internally by the company.

Bieffe products are safe and long-lasting. Some of our machines have been used by our customers for more than 20 years.

30 countries
and 3800 resellers

Bieffe shipping our products to more than 30 countries around the world, to approximately 3800 resellers.

Bieffe is constantly growing. Recently has bought a new 1800 square meter warehouse where new production lines have been developed.

All Bieffe products are of high quality, easy to use and products in an ecological and safe way.