Ozone generator for the sanitization of small/medium environments and specific treatments.


The Ozone generator OZONO BIEFFE is designed for the sanitization of small/medium environments, car interiors, seats and upholstery, sanitization of closets, mattresses, armachairs, helmets, shoes, bags and accessories, air conditioners. OZONO BIEFFE is equipped with two usage features, timer and nonstop, and with a blowing hose outlet for specific treatments. OZONO BIEFFE is compact and light, accessories are available for specific applications.


With a Protocol No. 24482, dated July 31, 1996, the Italian Ministry of Health recognized the use of ozone in the treatment of air and water as a natural means of sterilizing environments contaminated with bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and mites.

From its very discovery, the oxidizing effect of ozone allows its use as a bactericide, fungicide and inactivating agent against viruses. Originally it was used as a disinfectant for fresh water in France since 1906 and in Germany since 1972. The choice of ozone is based on the fact that it is more effective than other disinfectants against a wider spectre of microorganisms. Virus inactivation has so far been less studied than that of bacteria; however, it is known that it occurs quickly after ozonation, although the gas concentration must be higher than that for inactivation of bacteria. The mechanism of action of ozone on viruses is certainly not destroying them, as is the case of bacteria, but inactivating them; the effect of ozone is oxidation and subsequent inactivation of the specific viral receptors used to create the bond with the cell to be invaded. This would block the multiplication mechanism of the virus at its first phase: the cell invasion.

Applications environments

Cars, vans

Emergency vehicles



Medical offices

Home environments

Helmets, bags and accessories

Seats, armchairs, sofas and mattresses


Data sheet

Dimensions 27x14x18h cm
Weight 4 kg
Power 220/240V 50Hz
Absorbed power 65W
Ozone production 1 g/h

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