Machine for the motor vehicle interiors reconditioning. It cleans and sanitizes with steam, dries quickly with hot air,it is equipped with professional vacuum cleaner. This steam generator is ideal for carwash and workshops, it is also used for home carwash service. Optional accessories for car body washing are available.


CARWASH con OZONO is a machine designed for the cure and the cleaning of car interiores. The steam power, the hot air jet and the rich range of accessories allow a complete purification of the sufraces. The steam is efficient for cleaning and brightening seats, leather upholstery and purifying the most difficult points to reach. The hot water/detergent jet dissolves the most difficult dirt. The important concept is the nebulization of the detergent by means of hot air, for a saving of at least 50%, as the product penetrates better into the fibers of the fabric without wetting the sponge inside the seat. A powerfull 3-stage suction motor allows to collect dust and liquids and to deposit them into the built-in the machine inox keg. Thanks to the hot air jet introduced into the bag, CARWASH con OZONO guarantees a perfect drying of the seats and the flooring of the car. Thanks to ozone treatment, germs and bacteria are eradicated.


Automatic boiler refilling

Steam and water adjustable output

Liquids and  dust exhauster

Simultaneos steam/water injection and vacuum

Water temperature 40°C

Detergent/hot air nebulization 50°C

Hot air drying of seats/carpets 50°C

Interior ononization

Applications environments





At home car-wash


Data sheet

Power 220-240V 50-60Hz
Boiler capacity 3,5 lt
Boiler power 1000W+1000W+1000W
Steam pressure (in BAR) 6 bar
Suction power 1400 W
Productivity ( kg of steam/hour ) 67 g/min
Suction power 1200W
Hot air (drying) 50°C
Detergent or water temperature 50°C
Removable water tank 10 lt
Removable detergent tank 10 lt
Inox tank capacity 20 lt
Adjustable steam flow yes
Ozone disinfection yes
Automatic water refilling yes
Solids/liquids suction yes
Simultaneous release of detergent and water. Suction yes
Automatic alarm warning for lack of water in the tank yes
Dimensions 52x80x110h cm
Weight (without accessories) 48 kg
Weight (with accessories) 54 kg

Accessories included

Kit guarnizioni: MGOR x 4 + CVPOR x 4
Filtro aspiratore anti-polvere
Sacchi asciuga-sedili anteriori con molle 2pz
Impugnatura aspirazione/vapore 4mt
Bocchetta estrazione per chewing-gum
Steam hose holder F/CARWASH D.6 127 cm
Spazzolino vapore D20mm – Setole in crine 20mm
Telaio tergivetro in gomma 150mm per CVG1
Lancia estrazione diam.36
Tubo flex getto aria calda – L 3,5mt
Spazzolino diam.26 mm curvo per lancia vapore MGK04N – setole in nylon
Bocchetta aspirazione/vapore per rimozione chewing-gum
Bocchetta aspirazione/vapore
Telaio tergivetro 150 mm per CVG1 – Setole in PVC dure
Telaio tergivetro 150 mm per CVG1 – Setole in PVC
Bocchetta tergivetro aspirazione/vapore 150mm
Lancia iniezione/estrazione per moquette 280mm
Bocchetta aspirazione per tappezzerie – L 140mm

More Accessories available


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