Professional steam generator for cleaning shoes, bags, accessories and more..


Professional steam generator, powerful and reliable, ideal for cleaning internal and external cleaning of shoes, bags, accessories, helmets, and much more. With ScarpaVapor, the operator can dispense steam and detergent and, with special brushes, dissolve and remove the most difficult stain obtaining an excellent result. This generator provides high-quality drying and sanitizing of footwear. The hot air drying is carried out quickly and gently, restoring softness. The ozone generator eliminates odors and bacteria, sanitizing completely the footwear. ScarpaVapor can be used in small rooms without any problem with water discharge and does not require special installations.



Full cleaning

Sanitization with ozone and rigeneration

Hot air drying at 38°C

Applications environments

Shoe cleaning


Belts, gloves, accessories




Data sheet

Power supply 220-240V 50-60Hz
Copper boiler capacity 3 lt
Boiler power heating 2000W
Steam pressure 5 bar
Steam productivity 42 g/min
Detergent injection yes
Drying temperature 38°C
Bactericidal ozone system 0,35 gr/h
Dimensions 38x39xh110cm
Weight 33 kg

Accessories included

Steam brush f/ Scarpavapor®- RIP0921
Steam Gun Bieffe – Scarpavapor 2 micros
Small brush diam. 25 Spv M10 – Natural bristles
Small brush diam. 25 mm. Spv M10 – Pekalon bristes
Small brush diam. 25 mm M10 – PVC bristles
Pretreating detergent F/Scarpavapor – 1 lt
Detergent Scarpavapor ready to use – 1 lt
Bottle Safedrop 1200 Cc
Microfiber cloth 300GSM- 400×400 mm

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