Scarpavapor® No Limits is the perfect machine to clean: shoes, carpets, bags, car seats, helmets, sofas, etc.
Thanks to the power of steam and to the specific tools, you can guarantee for the total removal of all spots.


With Scarpavapor® No Limits you can inject steam and detergent, using special brushes, you can melt and remove the most obstinate dirt from all the surfaces thus having excellent result. Scarpavapor® No Limits can be used in small premises without any water draining net not particular plan need. Professional system for cleaning, drying, sanitizing, shoes, bags, boots, helmets, leather suits, carpets, etc.

Main functions
– Steam and vacuum
– Foaming injection
– Pretreating detergent injection
– Steam brushing
– Degreasing detergent injection
– Finishing protection nebulization
– Drying 36°C (shoes, boots, helmets)
– Light dryer for (leather jackets, bags )
– Ozone sanitization / Odour removal
– Drying seats, sofas, carpets (optional)
– Steam carpet cleaning (optional)


Deep cleaning
Renovation and ozone sanitization
Warm air drying 36°C
Motorcycle suits drying compartement
Drying and ozone sanitization compartement

Applications environments

Shoemakers and shoemaking



Data sheet

Power supply 220V-230V 50-60Hz
Copper boiler capacity 2,8 lt
Boiler power heating 2000W
Steam pressure 5 bar
Automatic water refill yes
Drying compartment power 75°C
Steam pressure 150W
Drying temperature 36°C
Vacuum hood power 150W
Liquid exhauster power 1200W
Air compressor maximum pressure inlet 6 bar
Drying side compartment power 150W
Machine dimensions 90x62xh182 cm
Package dimensions 80x120xh128 cm
Machine weight 116 kg
Gross weight packaging included 132 kg

Accessories included

Foam gun Scarpavapor No Limits – RIP0915
Steam Gun Bieffe – Scarpavapor 2 micros
Small brush diam. 25 Spv M10 – Natural bristles
Impugnatura curva aspirazione con valvola diam.35
Small brush diam. 25 mm. Spv M10 – Pekalon bristes
Small brush diam. 25 mm M10 – PVC bristles
Finishing protection detergent – 5 kg
Pretreating detergent F/Scarpavapor – 5 kg
Detergent F/Scarpavapor – 5 kg pure
Steam & vac flexible 2 mts F/Scarpavapor Nolimits – L 2 mt
Small vacuum nozzle W/Bristles 110 mm
Vacuum rubber nozzle 80 mm
Triangular small brush diam. 70 mm – Horsehair bristles
Small brush diam. 60 for MGK04 – Natural bristles
Steam & vac nozzle F/Helmets
Pratika steam & vac nozzle
Vacuum lance diam. 36 mm
Microfiber cloth 300GSM- 400×400 mm
Detergent special F/Interiors W/Enzyme – 5kg
Brush black Moplen diam. 36 mm – F
Steam & Vac lance 280 mm

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