EXTRACTO FOAM PLUS is designed for cleaning cars, carpets, sofas, curtains and mattresses. Injection/extraction washing with active foam.

Availables versions:

BF429A – Active foam and suction


EXTRACTO FOAM PLUS is a machine with three functions: active foam for cleaning, injection/extraction water or detergent and liquid and solid suction. Useful for cleaning car’s interiors, carpets, sofas, curtains and mattresses.

The perfect ally for home washing too. The active foam is dispensed through the brush. This machine is equipped with a complete foaming system and a built-in compressor. Thanks to its soft bristles, EXTRACTO FOAM PLUS removes dirt and stains from surfaces without damaging the fabric. The special nozzle also allows the removal of dirt.
Optional accessories
CARFON BF350 – Professional air dryer for car interiors
BF360 – Ozone generator for sanitization
RIP6002 – 14W led lamp for car interiors

Active foam for cleaning

Injection/extraction water

Liquid and solid suction

Practical and handy

Available in two versions


Applications environments

Car's interiors, campers, trucks

Buses, trains, aerial cabins interiors

At home carwashes


Data sheet

Active foam brush yes
Dust, solids and liquids extraction yes
Water injection and extraction yes
Water injection pressure 7 bar
Vacuum power 1400W two stages motor
Vacuum flow 60 lt/s - 215 m3/h
Power 220/230V 50/60Hz
Water/detergent tank for injection 10 lt
Stainless steel drum volume 20 lt
Cleaning tank for foam 5 lt
Frame Stainless steel
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 57x45xh105cm

Accessories included

Filter F/Dust vacuum
Vacuum lance diam. 36 mm
Steam & vac pr. flex. nozzle F/Vapobus 3 mt
Pratika steam & vac nozzle – K20
Insert Squeege 150 mm. – Pvc bristles
Steam & Vac squeege 150 Ne – G1
Brush black Moplen diam. 36 mm – F
Vacuum nozzle – L 140 mm

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