machine for sanitizing
air conditioners

Ariasana is a revolution in the field of cleaning and sanitizing air conditioners. The dirty air conditioners, with Ariasana comes back as new. A new service for the customer, a new opportunity of earning for the operator.

Each clean air conditioner with Ariasana consumes 30% less electricity. In fact, the steam completely cleans all the parts of the air conditioner: the filter, the heat exchanger, the internal fan and the external unit of the air conditioning system.

Ariasana saves up to 16 € per month in bills and also protects the environment.

Ariasana eliminates mites, viruses and bacteria

Steam cleaning eliminates the risk of mildew, virus
and bacteria and the much feared legionella pneumophila, disease devuta in the air unhealthy
emitted by air conditioners. Ariasana makes you breathe clean!

Certified air conditioner cleaning

Did you know that climatizer can be a vehicle for the propagation of bacteria?

  • He discovered how Ariasana in addition to cleaning up, fight viruses and bacteria.

Ariasana respects the environment and people

  • Complete cleaning with a few litres of water
  • Made with recycled materials.
  • Uses non-toxic detergents, that respect the environment.
  • Reduces the consumption of the air conditioner favoring a longer life.
  • Releases mold air, viruses and bacteria while protect people’s health.

AriaSana represents an unlimited earning opportunity

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