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Below is an article about the new European legislation of the eco-sustainability of products. Even if the category of Bieffe products doesn’t fall under this legislation, our company has always designed and built machines constantly thinking about the simplicity of repairs, guaranteeing the availability of spare parts (even for very old machines) and the speed of supply of these, with attention to costs for the customer.

We firmly believe that it’s right to repair machines rather than throw them away, as our philosophy of “PERCHE’ BUTTARE?” ®.

From March 1, 2021, European citizens enjoy the “Right to Repair” for different types of household appliances and electronics products. In practice, it’s an initiative approved by the EU Parliament in support of the so-called circular economy, that system that point to the eco-sustainability.

The products that will be easier to repair

The Commission EU regulation 2021/341 has established a ne ecodesign for a selection of products. Specifically, we are talking about servers and data storage units, electric motors and speed variators, refrigeration appliances, light sources and separate power supply units, electronic displays (including televisions), dishwashers, washing machines, washer dryers and refrigerated vending machines.

Rights of professionals and consumers

“Manufacturers or importers will now be obliged to make available to professional repairers a series of essential parts (motors and brushes for motors, pumps, shock absorbers and springs, wash baskets, etc.) for at least 7-10 years after placing on the EU market of the last unit of a model ”, underlines the Commission document.

Brussels has obviously provided for the obligation to make technical manuals available for professionals, but also benefits for amateur repairers – therefore for the classic home do-it-yourself. Producers, in fact, will have to make available to us “some spare parts for several years after a product has been withdrawn from the market”. Think of doors, hinges or seals that are considered the subject of interventions within everyone’s reach. “The maximum delivery time for all these pieces is 15 working days from the order,” concludes the Commission.

Complete regulation: https://www.reteambiente.it/normativa/44052/regolazione-commissione-ue-2021341ue/

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/