Rectangular ironing table, with heated and aspirating working board, size 150X81 cm. 2,8 lt automatic boiler and Bieffe professional iron.


Bieffe “FOREVER” RECTANGULAR BF214 is a fantastic ironing board with 2.8 lt boiler automatically reloaded from the tank thus allowing an unlimited autonomy of non stop ironing, our boilers are in copper and the heating element is external that guarantees a hight efficiency and greater durability. The heated table allows you to dry your garments with a maximum absorbtion of 700 Watt, besides,it has inside an aspirating motor of 150 Watt that will keep your garments well laid out on the board. “FOREVER” 214 can be regulated by the included thermostat. Thanks to the included pedal, you can activate the suction whenever you want. The extremely large demensions of the table 151×81 cm. will allow you to iron even the curtains or very large garments, the curtain-holder is optional. The ironing board is foldable, so you can move it in any room of your house without any effort thanks to its wheels that makes it extremely versatile but at the same time stable during the ironing thanks to the removable and extendable feet in steel. Perfect for tailor shops, dry cleaner’s, dressmaking labs and hotels. It is also used in houshold thanks to its affordable price.


Build-in boiler and professional iron

Boiler with automatic refilling

Suction and heated board

Applications environments

Laundries and dyeing

Tailors and dressmaking laboratories

Hotels and communities



Data sheet

Power 220-240V 50-60Hz
Boiler capacity 2,8 lt
Boiler refilling system Automatic
Boiler power 900W+900W
Boiler pressure 3 bar
Iron power 850W
Heated board power 700W+700W
Suction motor power 150W+150W+150W
Weight 52 kg
Board dimensions 151x81 cm
Global dimensions 151x81xh90 cm

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