Cleaning and sanitizing steam generator


Magic Vapor Sani is a steam cleaning machine equipped with a device able to sanitize surfaces by using dry steam and nebulizing steam together with the sanitizing detergent, ref. RIP1519.
The sanitazion process is very quick and it is not necessary to rinse or wipe with a cloth. Our detergent is VOC free (it does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds), so it can be used not only by skilled staff and contractors but also by common people.
Furthermore, by nebulizing the sanitizing detergent together with steam, you can get a lower consumption of detergent and a faster sanitization.

Practical and user-friendly, suitable for sanitizing emergency vehicles, ambulances, offices, medical and dental offices, retirement homes, shops and much more!

It cleans and sanitizes all the surfaces of medical offices, vehicles, shops, homes, fitness centers, leaving them shining and lightly scented. It neutralizes the odor-active compounds responsible for bad smell and acts against virus, germs and bacteria as well.

It contains vegetable origin surface active compounds, it is VOC free, also suitable to be used with steam cleaning equipment. For both professional and personal use.

100% vegetable origin raw materials or whole organic product according to UNI17035
**Its scent is allergenic fragrance free, following the attachment lll Reg.1223/2009


More efficent sanitization

Detergent lower consumption

For a professional or personal use 2 in 1 (cleaning and sanitization)

It reaches the most hidden spots

Applications environments

Medical offices







Data sheet

Power 220V/240V 50/60Hz (on request also available 120V)
Boiler power 1200W+1200W (you can work both at 1200W either 1400W)
Steam pressure 6 Bar
Boiler features Caldaia in rame antideflagrante e anticalcare e resistenze esterne
Water tank f/boiler refill capacity 3 lt
Sanitizing detergent tank yes
Dimensions 27x 39xh45 cm
Weight 9,5 Kg

Accessories included

Steam gum / disinfectant Biocida MAGIC VAPOR SANI

More accessories available


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