ARIASANA is a machine for cleaning and sanitizing air conditioners. Ideal for cleaning splits in offices, homes, banks, hospitals, hotels and many other public and non-public places. Real and Great opportunity for a new job, satisfactory for the operator, for the customer and profitable bussines.


ARIASANA is a steam generator for cleaning and sanitizing air conditioning systems. The steam cleaning of the conditioner guarantees energy savings of 30%–40% compared to traditional cleaning methods (foam, detergents). The steam definitively degreases the filter of the conditioner. You will save 28 cents per hour or so. With the steam cleaning of the air conditioners, the customer is granted with a clean and safe air during the stay, another reason to remain. The affixed to the systems will testify the sanitation and you can display it also in various online booking sites such as “” and others. With the steam cleaning the risk of mold, virus, bacteria including the legionella pneumophila (disease caused by unhealthy air issued by conditioners)  is definitively eliminated.

ARIASANA is an enviromentally-friendly machine, made up of recyclable materials, it guarantees a complete sanitization making use of just few litres of water. ARIASANA uses non-toxic detergents in order to take care and respect human health. Thanks to ARIASANA your air-conditioning system comes back as new, free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.


Each air conditioner cleaned with Ariasana consumes 30% less of electricity. In fact, the steam completely cleans each part of the air conditioner: the filter, the heat exchanger, the internal fan and  the external unit of the air conditioning system. AriaSana saves up to €16,00 per month and protects the enviroment.

The steam-cleaning system protects from mold, viruses and bacteria, including the legionella pneomophilia (a disease caused by unhealthy air issued by conditioners), thus eliminating any risk of infection. With AriaSana you’ll never breathe cleaner!

✔ Complete cleaning with a few liters of water
✔ Made with recyclable materials.
✔ Uses non-toxic detergents that respect the enviroment.
✔ Reduces air conditioner consumption favoring a longer life .
✔ Air free from moulds, viruses and bacteria protecting the health of peolple.

AriaSana is an unparalleled revolution in the area of cleaning and sanitizing air conditioners. AriaSana gets rid of every bit of dirt and bacteria and your air conditioner will be back as new. A new service for the customer, a new opportunity for the operator.

AriaSana guarantees compliance with the legal provision  provided by legislative decree D.Lgs 81/08 on the protection of health and safety in the workplace (all. IV – art., with a issue of a certificate. Thanks to steam cleaning, the entire internal unit is cleaned and permanently sanitized, with a greater guarantee for your health.

Applications environments

Air conditioners


Data sheet

Power 220/230V 50/60 Hz
Water resistance power 1700W
Steam boiler power 1200W+1000W
Potenza pompa 180W
Maximum power in use 2900W
Steam pressure 5 bar
Boiler capacity 2,8 lt
Boiler refill Auto
Water tank capacity 10 lt
Dimensions 39x44x103h cm
Weight with accessories 34 kg
Weight without accessories 29 kg

Accessories included

Warm water lance F/Ariasana – Long jet
Hose 2 mts water draining ARIASANA – L 2 mt
Bag collecting dirty water floor W/Frame ARIASANA
Bag 40×90 cms outdoor unit ARIASANA

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