Steam generator specifically designed for cleaning the corridors and interior of buses and railroad-car, it is also used for home carwashing service, cinema, theater, chairs, sofas, armchairs and mattresses cleaning.

Versions available:
– BF090JB 1300W+1300W + accessories


VAPOBUS, handy and powerful steam generator with an aspirator. Ideal for cleaning interiors of buses, railroad-car, cinema and airplanes seats. Its compact dimensions allow easy passage between the seats. Thanks to the injection of steam/hot water/detergent and simultaneous aspiration, VAPOBUS gives the possibility to treat all types of surface. VAPOBUS is designed for cleaning and disinfection. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, VAPOBUS allows an easy cleaning of all types of fabric, leather, plastic, wood, glass, even in the most difficult place.

With VAPOBUS you can carry out the following operation: renew and sterilize leather and fabrics thanks to the combined emission of steam/water and the simultaneous aspiration. Remove stubborn dirt, pet hair and eliminate the chewing-gum. reach the more difficult spaces, wash and dry perfectly the windows. Thanks to the steam, the roof of the vehicle is perfectly cleaned without causing structural failure like the detachment of the upholstery.


It renews and purifies the fabrics thanks to the combined action of steam and suction.

Removes stubborn dirt, animal hair and eliminates chewing gum.

It allows to reach even the most difficult points and it can be perfectly used for glass washing and drying.

Perfect cleaning of vehicle roofs using steam without causing damage such as structural failure

Its compact dimensions allow easy passage between the seats.

Water temperature 40/50°C

Liquids and dust exauster

Detergent/hot air nebulization

Applications environments

Cinemas and theaters

Car, camper, truck interiors

Buses, trains, aerial cabins

Hotels, bars and restaurants

Offices and apartments

Car wash

Carpet and leather

Mattresses, sofas, armchairs and carpets

Heels and engines roofs

Chewingum removal of animals hair


Data sheet

Power 220-240V 50-60Hz
Boiler Capacity 3,5 lt
Boiler Power 1300W+1300W
Steam pressure (in BAR) 6 bar
Boiler steam temperature 165°C
Productivity ( kg of steam/hour ) 53 g/min
Suction power 1400W
Detergent or water temperature 50°C
Removable water tank 5 lt
Removable detergent tank 5 lt
Inox tank capacity 20 lt
Boiler refill Auto
Adjustable steam flow yes
Automatic alarm warning for lack of water in the tank yes
Breaking wheels yes
Dimensions 30x60x110h cm
Weight no steel drum (for an easier moving) 21 kg
Weight with/without accessories 31 kg / 27 kg

Accessories included

Kit gaskets & taps: MGOR x 6+CVPOR x 4
Steam & vac lance W/Small brush natural bristles
Insert rubber squeege 150 mm for CVG1
Vacuum lance diam. 36 mm
Steam & vac pr. flex. nozzle F/Vapobus 3 mt
Steam & vac nozzle F/Chewing-gum
Pratika steam & vac nozzle – K20
Squeegee insert W/ Pvc for CVG1 – Stiff britstles
Insert Squeege 150 mm. – Pvc bristles
Steam & Vac squeege 150 Ne – G1
Steam & Vac lance 280 mm
Vacuum nozzle – L 140 mm

More accessories available


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