STEAM 3000 – BF420

Steam generator for efficient and effective cleaning of engines, electrical and mechanical components, cars, ovens, stoves and many others. Thanks to the power of steam and special accessories, with STEAM 3000 it is possible to carry out great cleaning in every smallest detail.


STEAM 3000, powerful and reliable steam generator, dedicated to professional and industrial environments such as kitchens, workshops, laboratories, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and environments subject to the control HACCP. STEAM 3000 is equipped with a vast range of accessories and a steam gun with a 5 meters hose. Upon request it is possible to have a machine with double steam outlet and longer hoses.

Available in three versions
BF420 3000W 230V
BF420PL 4500W 380V 5 pin
BF420PL2 6500W 380V 5 pin

Customizations available
Addition of a SECOND OUTLET for steam
Version 1 Two electrical guns cod. MGK01E05
Version 2 Two mechanical guns cod. RIP0406
Version 3 One electrical gun cod. MGK01E05 + One mechanical gun cod. RIP0406

DRY/WET steam adjustment
Gun1 Dry steam
Gun2 Equipped with a knob to adjust steam humidity

Steam pressure
Up to 9 bar

Possibility to equip with 2 big wheels and 2 swivel wheels


Automatic water refilling in the boiler

Combined action of steam emission and suction

Steam release adjustment

Secure self-cleaning boiler

Stainless steel body with 4 swivel wheels in order to move Steam 3000 comfortably

Large flow steam jet (from 3,6 to 7,8 kg/h)

Automatic boiler reloading for continuous working

Applications environments

Food industry

Chemical industry

Wine industry

Mechanical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Healthcare industry


Data sheet

Power Mod. BF420 = 220-240V 50-60Hz | Mod. BF420PL & BF420PL2 = 380V 50-60Hz
Boiler capacity 5 lt
Boiler power Mod. BF420 = 3000W | Mod. BF420PL = 4500W | BF420PL2 = 6500W
Steam pressure 6 bar
Boiler steam temperature 180°C
Steam production Mod. BF420 = 58 g/min | Mod. BF420PL = 90 g/min | BF420PL2 = 130 g/min
Water tank 10 lt
Steam jet yes
Automatic alarm for lack of water in the boiler yes
Vaporized disinfectant, detergent Optional
Boiler refill Auto
Dimensions 48x36xh100 cm
Weight (without accessories) 31 kg
Weight (with accessories) 33,5 kg

Accessories included

Curved small brush diam. 26 mm for MGK04N – Nylon bristles

More accessories available


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