The manual operation sweeper with double brush FLASH 650M, light and easy to handle, effectively collects dirt and dust on all types of flooring. FLASH 650M ideal for rooms up to 1550 m2.


The hand-operated sweeper “FLASH 650M”, light and handy, effectively collects dirt and dust on all types of flooring.
Bieffe Flash sweeper, don’t require electricity during the work, thanks to the slight push of the operator. Collect from the heaviest to the heaviest dirt, for example: dust, leaves, pine needles, shavings, confetti, debris etc. Very useful in any indoor and outdoor environment: squares, courtyards, workshops, car washes, warehouses, shopping centers, car parks, driveways, gyms, service areas, bathing establishments, etc.


Light and handy

Ideal for environments up to 1550 m2

Epoxy powder coated steel frame

Central brush and 1 or 2 adjustable side brushes

Handy and compact practical sweeping machine

Effective on every type of floor and in every environment

Front and back waste containers are robust, lightweight and easy to empty

Flash 650M and 950M sweepers can sweep forward and sharp

Thanks to the gear multiplier system, the brushes rotate quickly without effort for the operator

No special maintenance is required

Applications environments

Flooring up to 1500 m2

Data sheet

Working system Manuale
Performance per hour 1500 m2
Working width 650 mm
Waste Compartement 30 lt
Dimensions 85x77x42 cm
Weight 26 kg

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