Steam generator for cleaning

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– BFSK9SIRA 2400W 230V


MAGIC VAPOR RA is a compact and powerful steam generator, the ideal assistant for the cleaning of commercial activities and small environments such as apartments, offices, small hotels, bars and restaurants. MAGIC VAPOR RA combines the power and performance of large generators with great mobility, due to its small size, typical of houshold machinery. MAGIC VAPOR RA has a robust design, a durable metal structure and it is developed for continuous work thanks to an automatic water refilling system that guarantees unlimited water supply to the boiler. MAGIC VAPOR RA effectively removes odours, rust, molds, fungi, silicones, grease, soot and wallpaper. Its gentle action allows an axcellent cleaning of leather and suede. Supplied with “MAGIC ACCESSORIES” kit for cleaning.

MAGIC VAPOR RA is a versatile and easy-to-use machine, adapt for both professional and domestic use. In fact, thanks to its compact size, it also fits well in domestic environments (bathroom, stovetop, tile grout)

Magic Vapor RA guarantees the maximum efficiency for a perfect cleaning. In fact, the steam cleaning system removes dirt, destroys bacteria and molds easier than traditional methods thanks to the hot temperatures. The steam penetrates deeply in garments and surfaces. The use of steam does not require the use of chemical detergents, therefore it is an enviromentally-friendly method. The steam brought to a temperature of 115-155° guarantees the high quality of washing without the use of additional detergents.


Cleaning of discharge and ventilation passages

Eliminating of unpleasant odors

Cleaning of hoods and stoves

Eliminating of mold and fungus in the shower

Removing of silicone glue and chewing gum

Cleaning of glass and mirrors

Easily removing of the wallpaper

Cleaning of the leather and suede

Easily removing of grease and soot from the tiles

Clean skirting boards and stairs

Cleaning of the toilets performing an immediate disinfestation

Cleaning of the rust

Applications environments

Business activities





Small hotels



Data sheet

Power 220V/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity 2,8 lt
Boiler power 1200W+1200W
Steam pressure 6 bar
Boiler steam temperature 165°C
Steam production 48 g/min
Water reloading tank 3 lt
Adjustable steam flow yes
Boiler refill Auto
Arrangement for ironing use yes
Low water sound alarm yes
Weight (with accessories) 11 kg
Weight (without accessories) 9 kg
Dimensions 27x39x39h cm

Accessories included

Rectangular steam brush W/Hook
Steam extension Konfort 41 cm
Curved small brush diam. 26 mm for MGK04N – Nylon bristles

More accessories available


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