Steam generator for cleaning and sanitizing, with steam and detergent supply.


MAGIC VAPOR PLUS is a compact steam generator, ideal for cleaning and sanitizing medium-sized environments, such as commercial businesses, offices, bars, workshops, apartments, small hotels and restaurants. MAGIC VAPOR PLUS uses a very simple and practical automatic boiler charging system. It has the possibility to deliver steam and detergent separately but also simultaneously. MAGIC VAPOR PLUS effectively neutralizes odors, removes rust, mold, fungi, viruses, bacteria, germs, silicones, grease, soot and wallpaper. Its effective and gentle action also allows an excellent cleaning of skins and suede. Supplied with accessories kit “MAGIC” for cleaning.


Steam supply + simultaneous detergent

Cleaning of drains and ventilation passages

Neutralization of odours

Cleaning of sanitary ware, hoods, stoves, baseboards and stairs

Removal of rust, moulds, fungi and silicones

Cleaning of glass and mirrors

Removal of grease and soot from tiles

Removal of wallpaper

Cleaning of skin and suede

Applications environments





Hotels boutique



Data sheet

Power 220-240V 50-60Hz
Boiler capacity 2,4 lt
Boiler power 1200W+1200W
Steam pressure 6 bar
Steam temperature in boiler 165°C
Steam production 48 g/min
Tank refill boiler 3 lt
Simultaneous steam/detergent yes
Adjustable steam supply yes
Refill boiler Automatica
Predisposition for ironing use yes
Fine water sound alarm yes
Weight without accessories 9 kg
Weight with accessories 11 kg
Dimensions 27x39x39h cm

Accessories included

Rectangular steam brush W/Hook
Triangular steam brush W/Velcro
Steam extension Konfort 41 cm
Curved small brush diam. 26 mm for MGK04N – Nylon bristles

More Accessories available


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