The steam cleaner EMILIO with vacuum and liquid suction is a machine for cleaning and sanitization equipped with a 2,8 Lt 2000 Watt steam generator and a 1400 Watt bistage vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning of areas such as hotels, reataurants, bars, offices and appartements. “EMILIO KIT” accessories included.


EMILIO is a professional steam machine, compact, serviceable and powerfull ideal for a complete cleaning and sanitization of environments such as private houses, appartements, restaurants, bakeries, small hotels, shopping centres, fitness clubs, wellness centres ecc. The features that make EMILIO fundamental for those seeking a maximum result are:

– A stainless steel body with 4 swivel wheels in order to move EMILIO comfortably
– Steam jet
A powerfull liquid suction and vacuum cleaner (1400 Watt bistage)
Simultaneous steam suction and supply

The device is equipped with a wide range of accessories designed to satisfy the needs of every user. Its application is very diverse: from professional kitchens to hotels, museums, cinemas, theaters, swimming pools, aircraft cabins, yatch interiors, etc. Reliable, solid and safe effectively cleans and disinfects all types of surfaces such as glass, ceramics, leather, metal, wood and upholstery, removes difficult stains and ingrained dirt.


Simultaneous steam/vacum
Steam jet
Steam/water function
Standard liquid/dust suction

Steam eliminates mold and bacteria from shower cabins
Cleanses traces of glues and silicones and eliminates chewing-gum
Cleans corners and skirting of walls
Cleans the hoods and aspiration ducts
Revive wooden surfaces and cleanses saunas
Sanitizes and cleans mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains etc.
Washes and dryes mirrors and stainless steel surfaces and tiles
Cleans and reconditions the interiors of cars

Applications environments

Home environment and offices




Stores and malls



Data sheet

Power 220V/240V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity 2,8 lt
Boiler refilling system Manual
Boiler power 1000W+1000W
Steam temperature 165°C
Pressure temperature 6 bar
Steam production 43 g/min
Liquid/dust vacuum power 1400W Tw.stages
Aspirator depressure 203 mc/h
Steel drum capacity 14 lt
Noise level 62 dB(A)
Water/detergent external tank -
External tank for boiler refilling -
Steam jet yes
Water/detergent jet -
Liquid/dust vacuum yes
Simultaneous steam and vacuum yes
Low water level alarm yes
Dimensions 36x36xh65 cm
Weight no accessories 20,5 kg

Accessories included

Steam & Vac flexible F/Bieffe EMILIO – L 2mt
Filter F/Dust vacuum
Steam & Vac nozzle diam. 13 300 mm black – H
Small brush diam. 20 mm – PVC bristles
Rubber insert diam 13 300 mm – I
Insert rubber squeege 150 mm for CVG1
Vacuum lance diam. 36 mm
Steam/Vac lance acc. holder D80
Curved small brush diam. 26 mm for MGK04N – Nylon bristles
Insert Squeege 150 mm. – Pvc bristles
Slide insert diam. 13 300 mm – M
Strip/Bristles insert diam. 13 300 mm – L
Steam & vac extension L 40 mm
Steam & Vac squeege 150 Ne – G1
Brush black Moplen diam. 36 mm – F
Small brush F/Heaters – D
Vacuum nozzle – L 140 mm

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