ECOWASH 3000W – BF320

ECOWASH is a power steam generator designed for cleaning large industrial and public sites. The range of action for the use of steam generators of this line is very wide: from professional kitchens, hotel rooms, swimming pools, warehouses, industrial premises (tool cleaning and industrial equipment) to food production. The accessories used for ECOWASH give the possibility to treat different surfaces: upholstery, sofas, armchairs, parquet, tiles, metal, plastic, it also removes chewing gum.
The constant supply of steam under high pressure guarantees effective cleaning and disinfection. ECOWASH effectively cleans grease, tar, oil and many other types of dirt.


ECOWASH is a powerful professional steam generator for cleaning and disinfecting large surfaces.
Easily remove the most difficult dirt, such as chewing gum, grease, oil, tar, glues, paint. Ideal for cleaning in various sectors such as: industrial production, food, chemistry, agriculture, environments and machinery, removing chewing gum on sidewalks and squares. ECOWASH is already used for cleaning subway stations, airports and other public places.

Available in three versions
BF320 3000W 230V
BF320PL 4500W 380V, 5-pin
BF320PLBFR 6500W 380V, 5-pin

Available accessory kits
KIT320CW car interiors
KIT320CE car exteriors
KIT320CL cleaning
KIT320CH chewing-gum

Available accessory kits
KIT 1 “CAR INTERIORS KIT ECOWASH” cod. KIT320CW + N.2 Hose holding rods cod. CW51
KIT 2 “CAR EXTERIORS ECOWASH cod. KIT320CE + N.2 Hose holding rods cod. CW51
KIT 3 “CLEANING KIT ECOWASH” cod. KIT320CL + N.2 Hose holding rods cod. CW51
KIT 4 “CHEWING-GUM KIT ECOWASH” cod. KIT320CH + N.2 Hose holding rods cod. CW51


Hot water/detergent 40°C supply

Simultaneous steam and detergent supply with 2 hoses

Patented mechanical nozzle with 2 levers and brush on top of it

Large wheels for roads

Automatic system for the elimination of limestone and a tap for cleaning the boiler.

Average water consumption for car wash 3,5 lt

Detergent outlet for nebulizing lance

Steam/hot water function

Standard wet vac/cleaner function

Applications environments

Interior/exterior cleaning of cars and motorcycle

Interior/exterior cleaning of trucks , campers, busses

Cleaning of industrial machines

Large surfaces cleaning

Industrial kitchens



Data sheet

Power Mod. BF320 220-240V 50-60Hz | Mod. BF320PL 380V 50/60Hz | BF320PLBFR 380V 50/60Hz
Power by request 110V | 12V with inverter
Boiler power Mod. BF320 3000W | Mod. BF320PL 4500W | Mod. BF320PLBFR 380V 50/60Hz
Boiler capacity 5 lt
Steam pressure 6 bar
Boiler steam temperature 180°C
Boiler refill system Auto
Steam production Mod. BF320 60 g/min | Mod. BF320PL 90 g/min | Mod. BF320PLBFR 130 g/min
Steam outlets 3
Vacuum engine 1200W
Vacuum noise level 62 dB(A)
Steel drum volume 20 lt
Water tank 10 lt
Detergent tank 10 lt
Simultaneous inject/extract/hot water yes
Simultaneous steam/aspiration/hot water yes
Two steam outlets ( for more operators at the same time) Inject./extract lance + steam gun
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 58x63xh108 cm

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