High-pressure steam cleaner for cleaning. Steam gun with 8mt hose and “CLEANING KIT” for cleaning included.


BF 4000 is a diesel-powerd steam generator that delivers 35Kw of steam (42Kg/h). The pressure is 10.5 Bar and it is possible to adjust the steam humidity, thus obtaining either dry steam jet or wet steam jet. The machine has two independent steam outlets, both of them can be fitted with a steam gun or steam and detergent nozzle. The high pressure steam hoses can reach up to 30 meters. It is the ideal machine for industrial cleaning in general and for steam car washing, also at home. Steam gun with 8mt hose and “CLEANING KIT” for cleaning included.

Available in versions
BF601S no gun, no accessories
BF601 W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406
BF601CE W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406 + “CAR EXTERIORS KIT” cod. KIT601CE
BF601CH W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406 + “CHEWING-GUM/INDUSTRIAL KIT” cod. KIT601CH
BF601CL W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406 + “CLEANING KIT” cod. KIT601CL

Some accessory kits available
KIT 1 W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406
KIT 2 W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406 + “CAR EXTERIORS KIT” cod. KIT601CE
KIT 3 W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406 + “CHEWING-GUM/INDUSTRIAL KIT” cod. KIT601CH
KIT 4 W/Steam gun 8mt cod. RIP0406 + “CLEANING KIT” cod. KIT601CL


BF4000 VAPOR is equipped with two steam outlets, allowing it to be used by two operators at the same time.

Possibility to apply to both outputs a steam gun or launches double CVK57 with high-pressure hoses up 20-30 meters.

Average water consumption for carwash 3,5 lt.

Standard wet vac/cleaner function

Possibility to adjust steam humidity, therefore obtaining a saturated steam jet or a jet of steam and hot water.

The steam and detergent functions can be actuated directly on the gun with mechanical and quick control system

Suitable for at-home car-wash services (with 12V inverter)

Applications environments



Large environments

Removal of chewing-gum, grease, tar and oil

Cleaning of industrial machines


Data sheet

Standard power 220V-240V 50Hz
Power by request 220V/240V 60Hz | 110V/120V 60Hz
Power option 12V w/inverter
12 Volt battery connection yes with inverter cod. COE4032
Power consumption 350W 220V
Boiler power supply Diesel
Boiler capacity 16 lt
Burner noise level 37 dB
Steam pressure 10,5 bar
Boiler steam temperature 180°C
Steam production 700 g/min
Steam outlet 10 bar
Consumption at full capacity 2,5 lt/h
Steam humidity adjustment yes
Adjustable steam jet yes
Adjustable hot water jet yes
Adjustable detergent jet yes
Two steam outlets (for more operators at the same time) 2 steam guns
Steam hose length up to 30 mt
Diesel tank 45 lt
Water tank Water supply/10 lt tank
Detergent tank capacity 3 lt
Anti-scale tank 1 lt
Weight and dimensions 110 kg 110x70x90h cm

Accessories included

Mec. steam /detergent gun for BF4000 – L 50 cm – Hose L 7mt
Small brush 60 mm 1/8F – Stainless bristles
Small brush diam. 60 mm 1/8F – Brass bristles

More accessories available


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