Small steam generator with 1.5 liter boiler equipped with a professional Bieffe iron, available in various colors. It allows ironing for over an hour with the only one water refilling. With STIR VAPOR you will not have any problem of limestone because the external heating element is not in contact with water.
This characteristic makes the iron durable in time, up to 30 or more years. It also allows you to have electricity bill saving of approx. 50€/a year thanks to low consumpion. Perfect for home use and also suitable for professional use.


Stir Vapor has a 1.5 liter copper boiler that is perfect to avoid limestone, the resistence is external with effective power of 850 W and the pressure of 3 Bar. The iron has 900 Watt power to offer the maximum in ironing. The full boiler garantees 1,5/2 hours of non stop ironing. The color of the body is white but also the colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Ivory are available, in our site you will also find the Inox version, ideal for home use.


Professional ironing at your home

The dry and powerful steam guarantees professional performance

Reliability and safety guaranteed by the copper boiler

Explosion proof and anti-limescale material – external resistance never in contact with water

Applications environments



Tailor shops


Data sheet

Power 220-230V 50-60V
Boiler capacity 1,5 lt
Boiler power 900W
Pressure 2,8 bar
Electric iron power 850W
Weight 6 Kg
Dimensions 24,5×36,5xh18,5 cm

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